Booklyn or Los Angeles?

The Curious History of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Are you Dodgers crazy, like many other fans in Los Angeles? Have you ever tried stopping and wondering why Dodgers tickets are so popular? Why do so many individuals line up for hours, lose sleep, get into fights, and get into outrageous bidding wars when there are Dodger tickets for sale? To non-sports fans, some of us look crazy! But true fans who know the history of the Dodgers understand the craze.

Baseball is America’s past time. It has always been known as the quintessential all-American sport. During the World Wars, almost all sports activities stopped, but not baseball! Because the sport was so universally loved, and it provided a great distraction from the gloomy world events, the government continued to support it even during the darkest moments.

In the late 1800s, as baseball teams were popping up all over the country and beginning to establish fan bases, a team called the Brooklyn Dodgers was founded. (At the time, Los Angeles was much too small of a city to support a baseball team.) The team’s interesting history drew many curious personalities, who later became die hard fans of the Dodgers. The first Dodgers tickets were officially sold in 1932. It was only in 1958 that the Dodgers made the move out to L.A.

Ever since the Dodgers were officially formed, many fans began a rivalry with another team, the New York Giants. Because the Dodgers were then from New York, it was extra fun for the fans to go out and support their team, especially when they played against the Giants. To keep the rivalry alive and going , it was decided that both teams were to be transferred to California in 1958. So the once-New York Giants were renamed as the San Francisco Giants, and the Dodgers officially became the Los Angeles Dodgers. Because of the move to the West Coast, Dodger ticket sales soared, and this trend still continues today.

The next time someone asks you why there is so much enthusiasm for the Dodgers, you can teach them about the history of the team. It started way back in the day, and is a result of excellent marketing and strategizing. Despite that though, most fans still go see the Dodgers because of a genuine love for the game!

Highest Grossing Broadway Show….Ever

Best Broadway Show of All Time

The Phantom of the Opera remains to be one of the most well known Broadway shows of all time, since its opening day in 1986 in London’s West End and on Broadway in 1988. Throughout the years, this classic has been able to maintain its reputation as the most elaborate musical opera show the world has ever seen.

Viewers are going to be transported into another time; they will be charmed by the musical score written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and they are sure to fall in love with the one of kind characters in the story.

Who is going to forget the magnificent and enchanting voice of the beautiful soprano Christine Daaé? And who can top the mystery and darkness of the musical genius Phantom of the Opera in the Broadway show world?

This Broadway show has everything, it has sensuality, romance, action, wittiness of characters, and it has the element of mystery and fascination.

Aside from being a hit on Broadway, it is also a commercial success, it was able to accumulate $5.6 billion gross receipts -the highest in the history of Broadway. It is also a well-travelled show, for the year 2014 it is set to travel to 11 major cities within just the span of 14 months.

On November, the Phantom of the Opera will continue their journey in Providence, R.I at the Providence Performing Arts center as a part of their North American tour.

Conveniently, to buy theatre tickets on their official page, (, just select the date when you would like to see the production and see a list of the available performance dates on the selected country when you decide to buy theatre tickets online.

Writers, actors, dreamers and any artist in the world who loves the dark obsessive side of literature characters are going to love this Broadway show.

This show was made for dreamers; it has one of the grandest productions in the world and continues to amaze audiences from different parts of the world.

Seeing the Phantom of the Opera live is a dream comes true for a lot of people, it has also become a status symbol. If you are able to see this show then you are considered to be one of the luckiest people in the world.

The show continues to grow; it is learning from the audience and is willing to cater to the needs of the audience.

This is one reason why it continues to be one of the best Broadway shows around,

What to expect?

Any audience can expect to be transported in the majestic and splendor of the Paris Opera House, be able to feel the pain of the character that is shamed by his physical appearance, connect with the beautiful Christine Daaé and be amazed by the colorful and imaginative characters that are present in the story.

Expect to see jaw-dropping scenery and breathtaking effects, be able to feel the magic in this tragic love story.

Stacked Rosters in The NHL

The Roster of Boston Bruins Players

Hockey is one of the most enjoyed sports, each year thousands of sports goers buy Boston Bruins tickets. This game has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. One of the most popular teams is the Boston Bruins. Most people buy tickets to enjoy these games and see the Boston Bruins. This team is comprised of a number of star players who make this team a successful machine. If you would like to know about the stars on your favorite team, then, you are in the right place. Here is a list of the players who make up the Boston Bruins roster.

Center position and Defense position

Patrice Bergeron is the captain of this team. He plays the center position. The 28 year old player helped his team get a 4-1 win over Montreal after scoring in the middle of the second period. Patrice has five points after playing two games. In the 5 games that he has played, he has scored 19 goals. Other players who hold this position are: Gregory Campbell, Chris Kelly, David Krejci and Marc Savard. Matt Bartkowski plays the position of defenseman. This 25 year-old player has really upped his game after getting a knee injury. However, he only has 8 points. Others who hold this position are: Johnny Boychuk, Dennis Seidenberg, Kevan Miler, Andrej Meszaros, AdamMcQuaid and Torey Krug.

Winger and Goalie

Some of the players who hold the winger position are: Shawn Thornton, Carl Soderberg, Reilly Smith, Corey Potters, Daniel Paille, Brad Mashhad and Milan Lucic. Tuukka Rask and Chad Johnson share the Goalie position. Now that you know your players in Boston Bruins, make sure that you buy Boston Bruins tickets so that you do not miss the next game. This team has several wins that has made its fans proud. Along with these experienced players you will be honored to be associated with this team.

Get Your St. Louis Cardinals Season Tickets Today!

3 Great Sites to Buy Cardinal Tickets

The worst part of being a sports fan is trying to get a hold of a good pair of tickets. When you’re dealing with a popular team like the St. Louis Cardinals this is even more difficult. If you’re looking to buy St. Louis Cardinals tickets of any quality it often feels like it’s impossible. No worries – here are three great sites that offer awesome deals.


There are many reasons to like this site, not least of which how professionally it’s set up. You search for tickets via team or venue, and city or area. What really sets this site apart is that many of the tickets here are being resold by fans for much cheaper then they should be – and all of the tickets are verified by Ticketmaster. As such you are definitely going to get a great deal. Nothing like sitting close enough to catch a baseball and knowing you paid much less than the people around you.

2. StubHub!

Another good site is StubHub! which has probably the best search function on any similar site I’ve seen. Better yet, it has a robust customer support (which hopefully you won’t have to use). That said what’s great about this site is that not only will you see what the tickets cost, but you’re see how many are left for any particular event. You even get to see on a map where your ticket is going to land you along with a picture of the view. There is even the option of instant download.

3. SeatGeek

SeatGeek boasts a relatively slick presentation along with a rather basic search function. So what makes it special? It’s basically the Google of ticket searching. It combs through all the biggest ticket sites and then gives you the results in one place. It also has the Deal Score system in place – the higher the score the better the deal. And the price you see includes all attendant costs. It also has a mobile app.

So there are the sites you need to buy St. Louis Cardinals tickets from. Now go catch a game.

Yankees Fans of All Ages!

Special Promotions from Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium in New York provides Yankees fans with single game tickets, with well-organized offers for the fans. The offers are sometimes specific to individual games, and are available for a limited time only, so it’s best to plan ahead if you want to take advantage of these offers. Fans have the option of buying the tickets either by MasterCard on the Yankees’ website, or through designated shops including Yankee Stadium itself. Here is a quick look at some of the Yankees single game tickets and the relevant details.

Students’ Games

Students with a valid school ID are given the opportunity to buy the single game tickets at discounted prices of up to 50% that allows them to be seated at specific places during the games. However, these student’s tickets are only sold on the same day of the games and not any time in advance.

Use of MasterCard

This option is perfect for fans that use MasterCard, as it offers tickets for selected games at affordable prices, and fans can buy the individual game tickets long before the day of game if they want to. Fans can buy individual tickets for as little as five dollars.

Tickets for senior citizens

These are specifically for adults in the age brackets above fifty nine years. They buy single game tickets at subsidized prices and can buy up to two tickets per game. Their ages must be validated by an official document that indicates their ages. This offer is only available at Yankee Stadium on the day of the game.

Games for youths

Youths (below 15 years) need to go with an adult to buy the ticket. These tickets are sold at discounted prices of up to 50%, but youths are only allowed to purchase them on the day of the game. Moreover, fans can always subscribe so as to be eligible for online saver games. Occasionally, the Yankees will release a special promotion online for people who are subscribed to their mailing lists.