Booklyn or Los Angeles?

The Curious History of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Are you Dodgers crazy, like many other fans in Los Angeles? Have you ever tried stopping and wondering why Dodgers tickets are so popular? Why do so many individuals line up for hours, lose sleep, get into fights, and get into outrageous bidding wars when there are Dodger tickets for sale? To non-sports fans, some of us look crazy! But true fans who know the history of the Dodgers understand the craze.

Baseball is America’s past time. It has always been known as the quintessential all-American sport. During the World Wars, almost all sports activities stopped, but not baseball! Because the sport was so universally loved, and it provided a great distraction from the gloomy world events, the government continued to support it even during the darkest moments.

In the late 1800s, as baseball teams were popping up all over the country and beginning to establish fan bases, a team called the Brooklyn Dodgers was founded. (At the time, Los Angeles was much too small of a city to support a baseball team.) The team’s interesting history drew many curious personalities, who later became die hard fans of the Dodgers. The first Dodgers tickets were officially sold in 1932. It was only in 1958 that the Dodgers made the move out to L.A.

Ever since the Dodgers were officially formed, many fans began a rivalry with another team, the New York Giants. Because the Dodgers were then from New York, it was extra fun for the fans to go out and support their team, especially when they played against the Giants. To keep the rivalry alive and going , it was decided that both teams were to be transferred to California in 1958. So the once-New York Giants were renamed as the San Francisco Giants, and the Dodgers officially became the Los Angeles Dodgers. Because of the move to the West Coast, Dodger ticket sales soared, and this trend still continues today.

The next time someone asks you why there is so much enthusiasm for the Dodgers, you can teach them about the history of the team. It started way back in the day, and is a result of excellent marketing and strategizing. Despite that though, most fans still go see the Dodgers because of a genuine love for the game!