Get Your St. Louis Cardinals Season Tickets Today!

3 Great Sites to Buy Cardinal Tickets

The worst part of being a sports fan is trying to get a hold of a good pair of tickets. When you’re dealing with a popular team like the St. Louis Cardinals this is even more difficult. If you’re looking to buy St. Louis Cardinals tickets of any quality it often feels like it’s impossible. No worries – here are three great sites that offer awesome deals.


There are many reasons to like this site, not least of which how professionally it’s set up. You search for tickets via team or venue, and city or area. What really sets this site apart is that many of the tickets here are being resold by fans for much cheaper then they should be – and all of the tickets are verified by Ticketmaster. As such you are definitely going to get a great deal. Nothing like sitting close enough to catch a baseball and knowing you paid much less than the people around you.

2. StubHub!

Another good site is StubHub! which has probably the best search function on any similar site I’ve seen. Better yet, it has a robust customer support (which hopefully you won’t have to use). That said what’s great about this site is that not only will you see what the tickets cost, but you’re see how many are left for any particular event. You even get to see on a map where your ticket is going to land you along with a picture of the view. There is even the option of instant download.

3. SeatGeek

SeatGeek boasts a relatively slick presentation along with a rather basic search function. So what makes it special? It’s basically the Google of ticket searching. It combs through all the biggest ticket sites and then gives you the results in one place. It also has the Deal Score system in place – the higher the score the better the deal. And the price you see includes all attendant costs. It also has a mobile app.

So there are the sites you need to buy St. Louis Cardinals tickets from. Now go catch a game.