New York Giants Questions

Fans Buying Tickets Looking for Giants to Rebound

QB-WR Connection

A fan seeking cheap NY Giants tickets wants to see quarterback Eli Manning playing at the top of his game. Manning has a very good working relationship with the Giants star receiver Victor Cruz. Cruz has become widely known around the NFL for his joyous touchdown fans. A number of fans seeking cheap NY Giants tickets would want to see Cruz doing his salsa dance in the end zone after many touchdowns this season.


Mathias Kiawnuka has been a consistently solid player for the New York Giants at defensive end. Kiwanuka has been collecting sacks and providing pressure off the edge while other defensive players on the Giants roster have been complaining about their contract. He’s an elite player who tries not to complain, letting his play on the field do the talking for him.
Can Peyton Hillis return back to his previous form when he was a star for the Cleveland Browns? Hillis will have to make a solid contribution for the Giants, especially given the retirement of running back Brandon Jacobs.


Athleticism will make a difference when you are looking at the New York Giants back field. Fans will be excited to see talented DBs like Dominque Rodgers Cromartie and Antrell Rolle continue to practice their pass coverage techniques with great precision.


Tight end Brandon Myers was a key part of the Giants roster. A number of fans may even say that Myers was a star tight end for the Giants. Myers gave Eli Manning a safety valve last season when Manning had nowhere else to throw the ball. Myers signed with the Bucs in the offseason, this means that tight end Daniel will have to make a larger contribution to the team. The Giants will need significant contributions from all their stars in order to win the NFC East and please their fans.