Visit The Best NHL Hockey Team in Chicago

Be A Part of NHL History; Visit Chicago

The thrilling National Hockey League is one of the most popular sports leagues in America. Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Tickets are always in demand, as the hockey team has played a major role in establishing the sport’s fame. The star players in the current Blackhawks roster include Duncan Keith, a very ferocious defender who gives nothing to the opponents as he guards his goalkeeper in a thrilling way. As it is usually said, the best way of defending is attacking; Keith is also a habitual goal scorer and has helped his team win a lot of matches over the years. The 31 year old brings in a wealth of experience in the defending unit of the Hawks.

Another key player in the Blackhawks squad is the six feet tall defender Johnny Oduya. Born in 1981, Oduya forms a perfect combination when playing alongside Keith in the Hawks defense line. He recently played for the US national ice hockey team in the concluded winter Olympics in Russia. Oduya’s brilliance in defense is remarkable, giving minimal scoring chances to his opponents. Marian Hossa is also emerging out as a star player in the Hawks team. The right winger is commonly known for his exhilarating speed down the right side of the playing field that leaves his opponents panting for breathing. His movement along the right wing has earned him respect among NHL sports pundits and critics as well. He is an asset to the Hawks side that is looking forward to emerging victorious at the end of the season.

You can watch these players battle it out for the NHL trophy by purchasing the cheap Chicago Blackhawks tickets that are available online. Affordable tickets for ardent Blackhawks fans can be accessed by applying online. All season tickets are also available for fans who would not like to miss out on the thrilling NHL matches.