Yankees Fans of All Ages!

Special Promotions from Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium in New York provides Yankees fans with single game tickets, with well-organized offers for the fans. The offers are sometimes specific to individual games, and are available for a limited time only, so it’s best to plan ahead if you want to take advantage of these offers. Fans have the option of buying the tickets either by MasterCard on the Yankees’ website, or through designated shops including Yankee Stadium itself. Here is a quick look at some of the Yankees single game tickets and the relevant details.

Students’ Games

Students with a valid school ID are given the opportunity to buy the single game tickets at discounted prices of up to 50% that allows them to be seated at specific places during the games. However, these student’s tickets are only sold on the same day of the games and not any time in advance.

Use of MasterCard

This option is perfect for fans that use MasterCard, as it offers tickets for selected games at affordable prices, and fans can buy the individual game tickets long before the day of game if they want to. Fans can buy individual tickets for as little as five dollars.

Tickets for senior citizens

These are specifically for adults in the age brackets above fifty nine years. They buy single game tickets at subsidized prices and can buy up to two tickets per game. Their ages must be validated by an official document that indicates their ages. This offer is only available at Yankee Stadium on the day of the game.

Games for youths

Youths (below 15 years) need to go with an adult to buy the ticket. These tickets are sold at discounted prices of up to 50%, but youths are only allowed to purchase them on the day of the game. Moreover, fans can always subscribe so as to be eligible for online saver games. Occasionally, the Yankees will release a special promotion online for people who are subscribed to their mailing lists.